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[IP] packing supplies

The silhouette packages are a alot smaller than the sof set
packages...then you could leave the sof serter home also...try skin prep
pads or betadine or skin barrier pads (smith and nephew brand, i
believe)etc instead of a bottle of skin barrier...hope this helps a
little...i always overpack and my hubby has tried to reform me of

>My biggest problem in travelling is carrying all my pump supplies, 
>drugs, etc with me as checked luggage.  For a long trip it tends to 
>spill out of the "single small bag" that the airlines are beginning 
>to limit you to.  Since I also have to carry a laptop computer with 
>me for business travel it's easy to get yelled at by the airline 
>people.  I've had stuff turn up "missing" from checked luggage before 
>and am still trying to figure out how to carry this stuff through... 
>How do you manage to carry enough for a 7 to 10 day trip - that's 5 
>infusion sets (3 changes plus spares), a couple of vials of insulin, 
>skin preps, Tegaderms, skin barrier gel, spare batteries, pump manual 
>and the "Pumping Insulin" reference book in case something comes up.  
>I flew to Houston a couple of weeks ago and there was a big sign at 
>the gate that said "This flight is limited to a single small carry on 
>bag."   From the way the attendents were acting my  computer backpack 
>alone was way too big...  

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