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Re: [IP] New Meter Trial

Another quick update on the Accu-Chek Complete:

I actually bought one at lunchtime at my local Walgreen's.  It was $119, and
comes with a rebate coupon (as Bob had mentioned) for $60, plus an
additional $25 if you send them any meter _other_ than an Accu-Chek
Advantage or Instant.

Very nice meter, and not as big as I'd been led to believe.  I was able to
get it to fit in my old Accu-Check Instant case (which I prefer to the big
black leather thing that comes with the Complete).

I tested it against my old Advantage (same finger, two holes right next to
each other), and got readings of 157 and 154.  Pretty darn close IMO.

One last thing: The Complete does have a separate data port, and I verified
that the key-code port cable that's used with the Advantage does _not_ work.
You can finagle it (with some minor surgery) to get it plugged in, but the
software (Camit) won't recognize it.

I also verified that you _do_ have to have the Accutility software to
customize the event markers (darn).  It'll also allow you to customize the
list of 'Tips of the Day' that scroll across the display during a test.  As
far as I can tell, you can access all the other features of the meter
through its buttons.

At 18:23 3/16/98 -0500, Bob wrote:
>Thanks for the update. It sounds like you are happy with the meter's
>capabilities ;-)

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