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Re: [IP] Multiple personalities (was Bayer Glucometer Elite Accuracy)


When my blood sugars are high for any amount of time, I get depressed.
During my recent experiment with one basal rate, my blood sugars were
regularly over 300, some over 400.  I was pretty much suicidal by the time
someone here kicked me in the butt and I switched back to 4 rates (I also
lose the ability to make decisions).  I was undepressed and back to pretty
much happy in about 3 days.


>My mother, Father, and my sister are all diabetic.  The women are type1,
>my father type2.  Whenever we get into a fight over something stupid or
>someone seems grumpy usually someone will say "Have you checked your
>blood sugar lately?!?"  Sometimes I'm just a b$#ch, but when I'm
>frustrated overly easily, often its because of a BG change.  My sister
>also gets cranky when she's getting low.  If my blood sugar is not under
>control, I tend to get depressed. (Months of depression before I finally
>put myself on the pump.  A complete turn around within a week!!)  Has
>anyone else noticed this??

Vancouver, BC, Canada
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