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Re: [IP] Carbo counting calculators??

I use a Psion3a to capture all my bg's. I've published a major music
package for it, and written my own bg monitoring software. Surprise,
surprise, it does exactly what I need: lots of lovely graphs and
printouts of running averages and consolidated time profiles, and an
HTML formatted listing of bg's. Since pumping, the insulin analysis is
less useful, and I'm rethinking that.

Mine has 2M ram. That could easliy handle a large CHO database, with
fast access. Anybody point me at some tab delimited data?

If you don't know the Psion, it's a 6"x4" palmtop, with an excellent
PC-style multitasking OS, and graphics interface.

The Series5, with EPOC32, knocks the hell out of Wince.


Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/