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Re: [IP] Betty Martini <email @ redacted>: Four lawsuits filed a

On 15 Mar 98 at 22:18, Michelle Rands wrote:

> Wasn't something like this brought up on the list some time ago about the
> pilots???Scary for us who live on nutrasweet...don't know if this post is
> accurate...and i hope i am not violating any copywrite law forwarding
> this....michelle
> Consumers have had ENOUGH! =20

Just because I don't like the nasty taste of sacharine doesn't mean I 
have to give up the only other low-carbohydrate sweetener..

> Monsanto, the largest manufacturer of poisons in the world, has given us
> Agent Orange, NutraSweet,  RBGH and continues to push genetic engineering
> against the wishes of consumers. =20

This sounds like the same type of group that was complaining several 
years ago that the chemical plants in the complex where I work were 
poisoning Kentucky Lake with their outfalls.  The only problem is 
that Kentucky Lake is about 5 miles upstream and effluents aren't 
known to swim against the current.  Their argument was that the same 
types of compounds that were found downstream from the plants were 
the same ones found in the lake...  duh, did I miss something there?  
And since we know that there are no hazardous compounds in nature the 
plants had to be producing these chemicals and getting them into the 

> The time is now to stop the mass poisoning of the American public and 100
> countries of the world. =20

Notice that this group has no alternative, unless they are affiliated 
with one of the other "green" groups that advocated killing off about 
eighty percent of the world population a few years ago...  and they 
don't talk about the other deadly poisons that kill more people each 
day, like alcohol, crack, and other poisons that they think are OK.  

> You can help by spreading the word to other lists and newsgroups and
> media.
>  We will keep you informed as law suits continue to be filed.
> Betty Martini, Founder
> Mission Possible International (warning the world off the deadly poison,
> NutraSweet)
> 770 242-2599

Randall Winchester

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