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[IP] the pump is NOT scary

     Judy P wrote:  
     > Please, in this forum at least, don't deny me the right to express 
     > my own personal fears about the pump.  I was scared.  So what.   
     > I've faced many things in my life.  The technology of this alone 
     > scared me.  I was in DKA.  I was pushed into the use of the pump.  
     > Not consulted, not asked, not treated like a thinking, intelligent 
     > adult.  I was scared.  The pump scared me.  So shoot me.  I'm on it. 
     > I've learned it.  I'm grateful.  Don't deny me my fears.  Why make 
     > others ashamed because they don't look at life in quite the
     > same manner as you do?  Maybe we aren't all as lucky as you in your 
     > acceptance of the pump.  Maybe you harbor such negative feelings 
     > about people in the medical profession that I'm not going to be 
     > right about anything.
     Your letter brought back many many memories of the original dozen of 
     us who went onto the pump in my doctors 'personal' trial from 
     Mar. '80..Aug. '80.
     The two youngest were myself (20) and another 22 or 23 year old young 
     man.  The rest were in thirties, fourties and up. (I think he had two 
     from each decade if I recall correctly plus an extra 30+ and 40+).
     Truth is, he didn't want us twenties in because he wasn't sure if we 
     could 'handle it'.  In truth, my background with computers and 
     electronics probably got me through most of the 'scared' feelings but 
     I'll tell you that in the 'old' days EVERYONE spent the first month or 
     so scarred and the others of us provided support.
     Something happened somewhere down the road where no one can admit to 
     feeling 'scarred' or 'worried' about a medical procedure or a 
     technique because it's been 'proven'.  SORRY: I know people who HAD TO 
     stop using the pump due to complications it caused.  I know people who 
     literally were doing far better on it who had to quit due to 
     psychological complications they or their spouce (or both) felt.  THIS 
     Judy: the pump is better for the majority (probably >> 80% or more) of 
     it's users and probably over half the rest would do better if they 
     were more careful.  BUT that does NOT mean it is either EASY or 
     NOTHING and if you weren't fearful you would NOT be human.  The vast 
     majority on this list went through a learning period about the pump, 
     met other pump users, saw the pump rep, spoke to Dr and 
     nurse-educator, etc.  THIS WAS NOT YOUR EXPERIENCE.  When I went on I 
     spoke to three others (at that time) who were wearing in my group.  
     One of them had been through five pumps in three months (electrical 
     failures) another had to 'pull' the syringe out of the pump once at 
     work when it went into 'overdrive'.  The doctor told me STRAIGHT: I 
     don't know if this is EVEN AS GOOD as multiple shots, but with them 
     you've become blind so I think you should at least try this (very very 
     ANYWAY: DON'T BE AFRAID TO BE AFRAID.  If you need to express fear 
     this is the place to do it.  And if anyone wants to argue with me 
     about the place of fear and pump use, please try walking through a 
     tiny airport somewhere in Michigan (around where they manufacturer 
     office furniture), explain to a guard that you can't be 'checked' by 
     machine because of an 'insulin pump' and watch how quickly you get 
     strip searched and accused of attempting to blow up the United States.
     I also suggest forgetting about the interesting habits of the pump and 
     walking out of a store with a magnetic 'guard' to prevent theft.  Not 
     only does the pump internal alarm go off (when all of it's tiny memory 
     gets zeroed) but the store personell and mall police ain't much 
     happier than the pump.
     AND JUST BECAUSE our new technology doesn't offer us so many exciting 
     possibilities, don't think the thoughts cannot go through one's head 
     (I recently was 'nabbed' going through a metal detector in a gov't 
     building due to my Glucose meter!).  
     These are machines.  They act like machines.  They are dumb.  (Note WE 
     have to eat correctly, take our sugars and TELL THE PUMP what to do).  
     They also behave like any other machine (how often does your PC 
     Yerachmiel B. Altman
       AutoSyringe pumps, B-D pumps, a bunch more
       MiniMed 504, 506 and (current) 507 user w/ Humalog
       18 years pumping and counting 
       36 years diabetic and almost given up on counting
       38 years young and finally showing some grey hair (the kids did it)

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