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Re: [IP] Flying and Supplies


I have done a fair bit of travelling with my pump on airplanes.  I always
carry everything on, even a month's worth of stuff.  I have not had a
problem taking it on and if I did, I would "convince" the flight crew to
put my stuff on the plane somewhere that I could get at.  As airlines get
fussier about carry-on, this could become an issue but I always travel
light, except for the supplies.  I think that if you make it clear how
important the supplies are to have at hand, most crews will accommodate
you.  How they are approached makes a lot of difference.  If you demand,
they tend to become less cooperative, because they already have lots of
jerks to deal with and don't need one more.

If you do end up with someone who is trying to wrench your bag out of your
hand as you board, make an issue out of it.  Talk to whoever is in charge
of the crew.  They do not want everyone around you being held up and
listening to you being deprived of something vital.  If you do hit a brick
wall, I think all you can do is take out what will get you through a couple
of days and hope your bag will reappear intact.  And consider how to
"enlighten" that airline on the consequences of it's policies.

Boarding early, if possible, is your best bet at not getting in to this

former travel agent/happy to not have to deal with airline policies any
more (at least professionally!)

Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted

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