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[IP] Flying and Supplies

Randall Winchester wrote:
> My biggest problem in travelling is carrying all my pump supplies,
> drugs, etc with me as checked luggage.  For a long trip it tends to
> spill out of the "single small bag" that the airlines are beginning
> to limit you to.  Since I also have to carry a laptop computer with
> me for business travel it's easy to get yelled at by the airline
> people.  I've had stuff turn up "missing" from checked luggage before
> and am still trying to figure out how to carry this stuff through...
> How do you manage to carry enough for a 7 to 10 day trip - that's 5
> infusion sets (3 changes plus spares), a couple of vials of insulin,
> skin preps, Tegaderms, skin barrier gel, spare batteries, pump manual
> and the "Pumping Insulin" reference book in case something comes up.
> I flew to Houston a couple of weeks ago and there was a big sign at
> the gate that said "This flight is limited to a single small carry on
> bag."   From the way the attendents were acting my  computer backpack
> alone was way too big...
Your medical supplies can not be put in with the baggage!!!  Take my
advice.  Many baggage compartments are not pressurized, and a partially
empty bottle of insulin will have even more of a problem with pressure
changes than a full one.  Also, there are extremes of temperature within
the baggage compartment and the baggage often sits in the sun and cold
outside.  I've had some insulin ruined this way as they were "lost" with
my luggage for several days (probably several flights).  Luckily they
were just spares.  Simply explain that these are vital medical supplies
and the stewardess will generally leave you alone.  If you are worried
aboutr the uneducated panicking, carry a note from your doctor with the
supplies.  This should not be an issue.  If it is, just remember that
this is discrimination and you can win in court.

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