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[IP] Traveling Pumpers/pumping travelers

Elissa went to Europe fro three last summer with a musical
organization.  First, it\'s not very easy letting your diabetic child
go so far away from home.  It took a real leap of faith.

I got her a large insulated lunch bag.  Believe it or not, she managed
to fit all her supplies in it.  I pre-filled some syringes, so it took
up less room.

Always, always, always be prepared for a possible pump failure (even
if you have the Disetronic).  Pack regular syringes.  It doesn\'t hurt
to carry a letter from your MD stating you have diabetes.

I also made her up a card stating, in several languages, that she had

I stuck notes on her pump reminding (nagging) her about changing the

Thank goodness for the pump.  Their schedule was very hectic - very
early breakfast, very late dinners, sometimes no lunch.  VERY little

She survived and so did I !!

Judy - mom of Elissa, age 17, pumping since age 3


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