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[IP] Multiple personalities (was Bayer Glucometer Elite Accuracy)


I have had several clients who were multiple, but none with diabetes.  I
vaguely remember on study in which a person had a personality with a
serious allergy that was not shared by the others.  It would be quite an
interesting thing, considering the physiological differences that allegedly
can sometimes appear between various personalities (ie, changes in eye


>Seriously have you guys heard of diabetics that were multiple
>personalities and the other personalities are not diabetic...michelle
>email @ redacted
>>I think maybe you are multiple.  It would explain a lot...   :')
>>>Bayer told you that the blood in your left hand was different blood
>>>the blood in your right hand????
>>>As far as I'm aware, the blood in my left hand is much the same as
>>>blood in my right hand, unless I am two persons horribly locked
>>>one body (We've sometimes thought that but our shrink tells us it's

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email @ redacted

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