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Re: [IP] psychological testing


Wow, what a process!  If I had be required to do those things, I might just
now be getting a pump.  Or I would have come out of denial a lot sooner.  I
did get mine when I was 18 (13 years ago).  The process was:

1.  Do you want a pump? (Umm, whatever...)
2.  Can your parents afford a pump?  (No, followed by long insurance fight)
3.  Here, you can have it and I would like you to be hospitalized for a
couple of days while I put you on it.

I spent my time in the hospital sneaking food and went on to many years of
hardly any blood tests or doctor visits.  If they had made me do what you
had to do, I think it might have been better since it would have made me
see how good blood sugars felt.

Good for you in sticking it out!  My life really didn't obviously change on
the pump then, but I do think it is great and I would never give it up.  I
did try once and it was horrible!!!  I know I would have complications by
now if it hadn't been there, quietly looking after me.  Lucky the initial
basal rates were set by a great doctor since I didn't change them for


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