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Re: [IP] Re: Thyroid

In a message dated 98-03-16 14:28:07 EST, Michelle Piper writes:

> Barbara and Bob...i am doing the thyroid thing also...i asked the gp for
>  a thyroid antibody test and my t-4 came back 6.5  t-3 28.0 t-7 1.8
>  tsh.serum 4.2 so everything is normal but according to a book i have it
>  says i should be tested for antithyroglobin antibody are any of the above
>  tests this test?michelle piper at email @ redacted


The tests I had for anti-thyroid were called ANTI-MICROSOMAL AB and ANTI-
THYROGLOBULIN ANTIBODY.  I showed high on both of these while showing within
range on t-3 uptake, t-4 and FTI.  In other words, no, these are not the same
tests.  It is because of the high results on the anti-thyroid tests that I now
take a very small dose of synthroid.

Incidentally,  as I was looking over the printout of these test results, I
noticed it also showed the results of my very first glycated hemoglobin test
(aka A1c).  It was 11.1%.  I've come a long way baby!  My last was 6.8%.

Mary Jean
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