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Re: [IP] carbo list

On 16 Mar 98 at 10:28, Dan Oliver wrote:

> At 08:45 3/15/98 -0800, Laurie wrote:
> >Welcome to the list first, and I believe that there is something like
> >what you're talking of in the name of a Newton Healthmate, that is
> >programmed with the carbo count, as well as a program for recording
> >tests, exercise, etc  Their phone # is 1-800-792-2966.
> This sounds pretty good, but just a word of warning for anyone who doesn't
> already own a Newton:  Apple has dropped support for it, and is no longer
> marketing the device.  When you can find one, they're not particularly cheap
> either.

They're down to the 800 dollar range now and should drop a little 
more.  The Newton was the only handheld device that has the capacity 
to hold a reasonable food database and access it quickly.  The 
existing WinCE machines just don't have the storage space or speed 
yet.  There are some new machines which may be available in a year or 
so that might get into a reasonable speed and storage range for this 
type of application.  

I have been using Healthmate on a Newton for a year now and I think 
it's great.  Like many other things it was ahead of it's time and now 
we get to wait several years until everyone else catches up...

> Disclaimer: I don't have anything against Apple, and don't care if you or
> anyone else buys a Newton or not; I just want people to be aware of it's
> impending extinction.  Hmmm, where'd I put those welding goggles...

I wouldn't call it impending extinction, more like recent 
execution...  but I have several other orphan computers at home that 
still work great even though the companies that made them are no 
longer in business...

Randall Winchester

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