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Re: [IP] Finger Pricks

At 11:09 3/16/98 EST, Katie wrote:
>I've read a few things about not milking the finger to get blood etc..
>I was told by my endo that she encourages her younger patients to use one
>finger over and over to develop either a callous or a less feeling point or
>something. At the time I didn't take much stock in it as I didn't test that
>often. Now, with all the testing I'm doing, I'd like to consider it.
>Any advice about finger pricks?

Don't make them mad if they drive a bigger vehicle than yours, or if they
have a gun rack in the rear window of their pickup {chortle}...

Seriously though, I've _poked_ ;-) my fingers 8-10 times/day for over a
decade now (less frequently before that), and found that the "one finger a
day" axiom didn't work too well for me.  It ended up over time thickening
the calouses too much on each finger.  I found that the following 'poke
schedule' works best (for me, YMMV):

Use left hand on odd-numbered days, right hand on even-numbered days.  Start
with pinky finger for first test, and use outside edge of the fingertip.
Then use inside edge of pinky for the second test.  For the third test, use
the outside edge of the ring finger...then the inside edge, then on to the
middle finger, etc. etc.

You can get 8 tests/day that way without using the thumb, 10 if you use the
thumb.  There is only one poke in each 'region' of the fingertip, instead of
multiples.  They then get nearly 2 days of 'rest' before having to get poked

I'm not sure why this lessens the calous buildup for me, but it does.

If your problem is _not_ having enough calous to prevent undue pain, then I
think the "one finger a day" regime ought to build it up for you.


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