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Re: [IP] Carbo counting calculators??


At 09:58 3/15/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I have several paperback carbo counters and find that they are barely
>adequate - especially when I'm eating out on the "road". What I would
>like is a hand held calculator with a decent data base that will give me
>a better idea of how many carbs in a given meal and also be able to
>compute various amounts. The paperbacks are ok - but they also take up a
>lot of room!!

I haven't seen anything like this, but it seems like a pretty cool idea.

It occurs to me that there's no reason why a small palmtop computer couldn't
store a pretty huge list.  I have a Compaq palmtop (or handheld PC, or HPC,
or whatever the latest buzzword is) running Windows CE, and I use Pocket
Excel a lot.  When I get a round TUIT (all of mine are square right now ;-)
I'll try downloading a couple of the food databases to it and let you know
how it works out.


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