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[IP] communal dressing rooms

Hey Ruth!

Hope you got over that fear of showing your pump in public by your wedding
night! <grin>  PERSONALLY I have always enjoyed the stares of rude people on
the beach, or at the gym, or on the subway or whereever I happen to whip it
out (the pump or meter)

It is a fact of life with diabetes that you might have some site problems even
with excellent control, and the scar tissue that develops from the pump in the
tummy can't be avoided but it can be diminished by rotating - maybe using your
legs, as I have found since my surgery to be great sites.  Also I have found
excellent results from using loofah sponges and massaging my stomach with
lotions and potions ot keep the skin soft and elastic.

I WISH I could go back and re-do my teens and college and grad school years
with the pump - god what a difference it would have made!   but then hindsight
is 20/20, unlike the retinopathy obscured vision I now have..... I took 2
weeks "Off" of being diabetic at age 20 and had my first and only
hospitalization due to DKA - it sucked, and cost my parents a butt load, but
it made me a more aware person and I wouldn't have traded that 2 weeks off for
anything - it was my wake up call! and I have spent the subsequent 14 years
trying to make up for the first 11 ignorant years!
As for wedding dress...how did you eventually solve the problem?  Where did
you put the pump?
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