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[IP] Kids on Pumps

Rose and Renee and Michael and other parents of successful pumpers

Why can't those professionals give some more plausible excuses?   ravi,
Melissa and Lilly seem to be pretty normal kids - not necessarily MENSA
candidates, though from what I have heard, they probably ARE, but the argument
of not giving pumps to kids based on the "raging hormones" of puberty is
RIDICULOUS!!!!!  Age is most certainly irrelevant!

I mean, for one, men never get out of puberty - they stay like that forever.
For two, then why would doctors let us women have them.  Maybe they should
take us off the pump duirng our PMS week, or when we hit menopause.  As every
other woman on a pump will attest, it isn't easy at certain times of the month
to keep the bs normal...

If the pump is scary to anyone....it is to the ignorant, lazy members of the
medical profession who haven't the time or energy to bone up on the "latest"
way to manage with diabetes (pumps have been around 20+ years and the DCCT was
completed 5 years ago - it is no longer cutting edge technology.  It should
be standard operating procedure by now!

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