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[IP] checked baggage

Dear Randall:

One of my early trips to Europe was 8 weeks.  I was on 2 shots/day, & syringes
came in those plastic containers!  I took double what I thought I'd need!  And
since HAD to keep insulin cold, I had a thermos.  It was fun trying to find
hostels with ice machines!  By the end of the trip, I had lots of room for
souvenirs in my backpack!

Thanks to better packaging, it has gotten easier, and I have been more
realistic in what I take.  There was never any need for me to take so many
extra syringes, cuz as they got sharper I was able to re-use them - and then
when the Pen came out!  Phew -awesome!  Then, they said insulin didn't need to
be kept cold unless out for more than a month,  

First thing I pack are prescriptions and doctors letters.  For trips of longer
than 2 weeks, I put what I need for about a third of my trip in my carry on
bag, and all the insulin, knowing that practically everything I use can be
purchased anywhere.  Even little rural towns in France sell glucose meters.
The rest gets stowed.  (for short trips, I carry it all on).  I bring a
handful of syringes - which can be reused until I get more or get the pump
fixed.  Each week, I use AT THE MOST 1 pump syringe, 1 infusion set with
tubing and 1 site change w/o tubing.  I multiply that by how many weeks I will
be gone and add 20-30%, knowing sometimes a syringe lasts 1 1/2 week and
sometimes a site lasts 6 days!  I throw in lots of alcohol wipes (they come in
handy for other uses too), some bard wipe, a set of batteries  I figure out
how much insulin and strips I will need, then bring an Extra bottle of each.
I bring my itty bitty companion meter as a back up (it and the case w/strips
is about the size of a  check book) After 5 years, I don't carry reference
manuals, but have the alarm cards and the telephone number for Minimed on my
pump, and the number for the paris office in my notebook just in case.

As my recent unexpected hospitalization in Chicago proved, it is not
impossible!  I had brought enough to Chicago to tide me over for almost 2
weeks, expecting to be home in only 1.  It turned out to be almost 4 weeks
before I got home.  Hello, Walgreens!! I need this - can you look up my
prescription?  Hello Home Medical? Instead of delivering to me in NYC, can you
send it to me in FL?    Wish getting my mail forwarded was that easy!!!

The airlines have gotten ridiculous - the let people carry on these HUGE
roller cases then get pissed at us for carrying a tote bag containing our
supplies, plus a snack, plus a magazine or two and a camera!!  "I'm sorry, you
will need to check this bag"  - no way - make the dude back there with the
enormous suit bag check his!   Advice:  try to get on early - ask for a seat
in the back so you can board first - they get more persnickity as the plane
gets full and people are clogging the aisles trying to shove their stuff in. 

Wish I was going somewhere

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