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[IP] psychological testing

I saw my endo. for the first time on 12/8/97.  This was after 33+ years
of benign neglect (take my insulin, test bg occasionally, eat as I damn
well pleased).   I was told prior to this appt. that there was a
psychological "test" involved with being put on the pump by my endo. 
Basically, what it boiled down to were a few questions like "How long
have you hated being a diabetic?" or "How badly did you rebel when you
were a teenager?"  "Why do you want to go on the pump?"  I answered
everything as honestly as I could.  Then he told me to start testing my
bg's 4 times a day, and to go from 2 daily injections to 3.  When I
started doing this I found I couldn't get good bg's at lunch time, so I
put myself on 4 injections a day and kept up with multiple blood tests
and meticulous record keeping.  When I saw the endo on 1/7/98, I showed
him all I had done -- and I passed the test.  Bascially, he wanted to
see if I would go from my free flowing lifestyle to a life with more
discipline and responsibility.  Once I showed him that I could easily do
that, he wrote out the RX for my pump and I received it (along with 2
big boxes of supplies!) on 1/14/98.  I couldn't start on the pump
training until 3/2/98 because he was going on vacation in February, and
he's very insistent that he be available to his new pump patients.  I
saw him last Friday (when he released me from hourly bg's to 7x daily)
and he gave me the phne number of the hotel where he was staying in Ohio
this weekend in case I needed him with the new routine.
My endo only sees diabetics.  Some he's seen for many years w/out
suggesting a pump because he didn't feel they would cope emotionally
with the rigors of the new routine.  I pride myself on being a patient
he put on the pump almost immediately!
(BTW, I don't think I would have accepted this routine a few years ago. 
You really have to be prepared to admit you are a diabetic to the
world.  I was single then and certainly didn't want to admit that to new
suitors. )
Vicki McDonald
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/