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[IP] Judy, please!

Jeez Louise Judy:

I, for one, never thought you were bragging about your trip and I could hear
the humor and sarcasm in Forest's post.  Please go have a good vacation!  This
has nothing to do with your company bonus trip - please enjoy it - you are
truly fortunate to have this opportunity - there are those of us who enjoy
travel and have to make it a sideline cuz our medical bills have to be paid
first, or cuz there are kids to put thru college, or the tax man to pay off or

Everyone else seems to be able to handle the sarcasm and wit that goes around
on this group.  There is a line between being sensitive in a good way and
sensitive in a detrimental way - you seem to be just a little too touchy.  I
am also a sensitive person, and it has taken almost 4 months for Buddy to
really irritate me - it has been less than 2 weeks for you!  This forum is for
us to speak our mind, solicit input from others and debate on the pros (if
any) and cons of medical practice.  It is a place we can express our personal
fears and discontents, our personal triumphs and disasters.  And even Buddy,
has his first ammendment right to say what he likes the way he wants to say
it.  If you or anyone else takes it personally, (I am raising my hand) respond
to him privately and deal with it.

If it becomes a personal attack on you everytime someone derides the medical
field, maybe this is not the support group for you - there are alot of people
on this list (me included) who have been scr**ed by professionals...and I
don't mean the sweet thangs on 42nd street.

You sound awfully judgemental of other diabetics in many of your posts, and
that is why people write back and disagree with you.  You don't include that
YMMV or "in my experience"  You generally make it sound like you are speaking
FOR the profession which many of us detest.

Everyone on this list seems to be supportive of everyone's ideas and
differences.  Some are a little more outspoken.  Personally, I think Humalog
is NOT a good idea for a variety of reasons, but I won't ever write back to
whoever does experience great triumph saying s/he is WRONG.  You just have
gotten this all blown out of proportion.

You CAN bring things to this group - we would love to hear YOUR diabetes
experiences - YOUR travel experiences, the things YOU endure with your pump.
I don't want you to be sticking up for doctors everytime we slam them and
assuming we are all against the medical profession, (even if we are).

Passez des bonnes vacances et ne pensez pas mal de nous.  Nous sommes humaines
comme vous et moi, j'espere que vous ne quittez pas la groupe.  Bon voyage

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