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[IP] travel on pump

Dear Carol:

I have alot of experience traveling on the pump - I have been to France, Italy
and England on the pump, as well as all over this country. 

Please don't be scared or embarrased!!!!!  Most people don't even notice -
especially foreigners!  Heck, in France a woman can lay on the beach with no
top and people don't ogle her.  The Europeans are much more "Live and Let
Live" than Americans.  I won't lay out on beaches where Americans tend to
congregate - like Nice and Cannes - there are much better more "locals-only"
places where you can bask to your hearts content and nude as ya wanna be!

YOU are normal people!!  you just happen to wear your pancreas on a string!
Ignore the looks and whispers, if any.  You are on VAY KAY girl.  live it up,
test your sugar when you need to so you can ENJOY that hard earned trip!  And
all those normal people probably have some problem you can't see...halitosis,
back hair, athlete's foot, or even something real like cancer or MS or
blindness.  It doens't stop them and it will not stop you!

You said it yourself, "it was easier to control bg while on the pump(I did
have some 300's after eating that I brought down by and extra bolus).  

My first trip to France avec pump - I was nervous that I'd be detained by the
border patrol - nope - it didn't even beep walking thru security.  At that
time I was using bent needles and had to clamp the tubing and remove the
syringe from the pump to go swimming.  A 6 year old French boy watched with
great interest.  His parents were fine - didn't think I was some American
druggie - I explained in french what I was doing and he was cool with it!
That was about the only remark I have ever had - my French friends are really
interestsed - since they are not common there, but diabetes is.

Carol; it will get easier - just don't put the block in your mind - We all
have baggage - the pump is just one little extra carry on bag you have to
take...and really, put your supplies in a carry on bag - don't let them take
it away from you cuz the overhead bins are full!!!

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