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RE: [IP] Judy the Globetrotter :

Very well put Randall - I echo your sentiments.

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I've been working with people for a long time and I still haven't 
found a good working definition of a "support group" - mainly because 
each of us has a different idea of what a group should provide.  Some 
want medical advice, some want education, some want a sympathetic 
ear, while others want a place to vent their frustrations and other 
emotions.   Since I've been on this group I've been flamed (singed is 
probably a better word)  for negative  comments about "THE SCHEDULE" 
that I used to have to order the world around on MDI, I've been 
complimented for observations about life with the pump, and I've 
laughed over some of the stuff I've read here.  I've also found a 
group that in general understands my questions, comments, fears, 
hopes and overall experience of living with the pump...

The best tool I've found for living with the pump is a good sense of 
humor, and to try not to take myself too seriously.   I'm glad I 
found this group...  reading this bunch of mail is much more fun than 
on some of the tighter moderated lists I'm on.  The only way we can 
learn is from people who aren't exactly like us - and there is such a 
wonderful variety of people in this group that it's easy to learn...

Randall Winchester

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