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[IP] QR vs. Silhouette

> The Silhouette kind of infusion set is SO much better than the QR!
> > Having a 2" bit of hose hanging free to get caught in clothing, and
> > also being too hard to detach and attach was driving me away from the QR
> > even before I saw the Pureline Comfort (Silhouette style) sets. 
I use the QR Soft Set and like it just fine.  Since I make a little
safety loop of the tubing between the canula and the QR (which I tape to
the tape holding in the SoftSet), there's no 2" of tubing hanging off. 
(If you make a saftey loop with the Silhouette, you would have to undo
it  everytime you go to shower because it would be on the far side of
the release.)  I've only been pumping for 2 weeks now, but already see a
huge improvement in BG control and I've lost 12 pounds!  No more endless
cycle of chasing good bg's up and down through the window of "normal."
Vicki McDonald
New Haven, CT
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/