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[IP] Well done Joy !!

Good one Joy!!!!! 

That is fabulous news Joy, in such a short amount of  time you have
accomplished a real reduction in your A1c down to 7.6 I wonder how low
your next one will be.  These pumps are amazing, why didn't we have them
available here in New Zealand years ago, instead of just selective
diabetics, who were given pumps and didn't and still don't pay for a
single dollar towards them.  You are like Kevin, Joy we have to pay so
much for the infusion sets, reservoirs, insulin, testing strips,
lancets, meters etc.... and on and on..   Unfortunately here in NZ you
can not get any insurance for these pumps.  Keep the good work up Joy,
you are doing extremely well.

Lynette Parker (New Zealand)
Wife of a diabetic, 21 years IDDM, now using Minimed 507 since Nov. 1997

Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/