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[IP] Re: Thinned Skinned Pumpers

I wish I could forget it, but some words cause too much pain. Many of us so
called "overly sensitive" people are that way for a reason.  Yes, what is
discussed in this forum usually does go back to needs we have as humans and as
diabetics.  I like to be human first.  No one is happier than I am when I see
people overcome tremendous odds to succeed in life.  Those of us who worked so
very hard from the depths of poverty. I am happy for all those Porshe owners,
or Jag. owners or whatever one has accomplised through honest means.  I don't
begrudge anyone anything.  I would celebrate with them, if they would have me.

Please, if people in this forum could be more accepting of others ideas or
ways or differences, you can really have an impact on others.. I for one will
never share my travel experiences or patient related experiences.  In fact, I
don't feel I have anything to offer this group.  I am sorry for having
offended people.  Never, ever did I feel as if I was bragging about going
overseas.  I'm not even paying for it, so I guess I am lucky. It is our
Christmas bonus from my corporation.  I am the liason person there and will be
acting as their travel agent.  I'm sorry my good fortune, finally, has caused
others discomfort,  I just didn't expect it.  I should have.
Judy P.
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