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Re: [IP] Judy the Globetrotter :

forget it Judy..
have fun in Germany...
Auf Wiedersehen...
(now I don't know why I am writing this because it has nothing to do with pumping
or diabetes or have any remote tangent so I guess I'm a hypocrite)

JUDY102 wrote:

> Life's inequities??? So one should be judged if they own a travel agency, have
> a job? Maybe a car or a house.  I'm rich because I get to travel on a
> discount?? No one gets wealthy with the lousy less than 10% commission you
> get.  How do you know how I was lucky enough to get that small 11% ownership?
> I really thought people would want to know how to travel while on the pump.
> Stupid me.  Going through time changes is an interesting experience.  Being
> well supplied and knowledgeable on how to have health needs met is also, I
> thought handy.
> How little did I realize what getting "support" meant in this forum.  It isn't
> that it isn't there at all, it's just that those few of you who are the most
> judgemental don't see it and others are reluctant to speak up.
> Everytime I open my e-mail, someone, usually "Buddy", I think, has to judge
> all health care workers by his standards.  "Once again, another healthcare
> worker not practicing what they preach" or some such nonsense.  What a world
> this would be if we all felt that prejudiced against anyone who thinks
> differently than they do.  I guess no once has gone to the hairdresser and
> wondered if they had ever had their hair done?  The lawyer who speeds!  The
> overweight "Health-care" worker!  Sinners, sinners, one and all.  How about
> the bad diabetic who eats that Twinkie or that often mentioned Oreo?  Let's
> just shut them all up.  We should all be perfect.
> My patients seem to like me and appreciate me because I am not perfect.  I
> admit it. I'm not overweight and I don't smoke, but this is America, By God,
> and if I wanted to, I would and I sure wouldn't let someone change my behavior
> because they truly believe anyone in medicine better not have any vices.
> Yes, I am thin skinned.  But better education is really needed in this group.
> I can clearly see why people unsubscribe.  May the strongest and most bigoted
> of you win. I don't plan to try to bring anyone over to my side.  I needed
> support, not judgemental people who are careless with their comments.
> Judy
> Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/