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Re: [IP] Judy the Globetrotter :

Life's inequities??? So one should be judged if they own a travel agency, have
a job? Maybe a car or a house.  I'm rich because I get to travel on a
discount?? No one gets wealthy with the lousy less than 10% commission you
get.  How do you know how I was lucky enough to get that small 11% ownership?
I really thought people would want to know how to travel while on the pump.
Stupid me.  Going through time changes is an interesting experience.  Being
well supplied and knowledgeable on how to have health needs met is also, I
thought handy.
How little did I realize what getting "support" meant in this forum.  It isn't
that it isn't there at all, it's just that those few of you who are the most
judgemental don't see it and others are reluctant to speak up.

Everytime I open my e-mail, someone, usually "Buddy", I think, has to judge
all health care workers by his standards.  "Once again, another healthcare
worker not practicing what they preach" or some such nonsense.  What a world
this would be if we all felt that prejudiced against anyone who thinks
differently than they do.  I guess no once has gone to the hairdresser and
wondered if they had ever had their hair done?  The lawyer who speeds!  The
overweight "Health-care" worker!  Sinners, sinners, one and all.  How about
the bad diabetic who eats that Twinkie or that often mentioned Oreo?  Let's
just shut them all up.  We should all be perfect.

My patients seem to like me and appreciate me because I am not perfect.  I
admit it. I'm not overweight and I don't smoke, but this is America, By God,
and if I wanted to, I would and I sure wouldn't let someone change my behavior
because they truly believe anyone in medicine better not have any vices.
Yes, I am thin skinned.  But better education is really needed in this group.
I can clearly see why people unsubscribe.  May the strongest and most bigoted
of you win. I don't plan to try to bring anyone over to my side.  I needed
support, not judgemental people who are careless with their comments.
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