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Re: [IP] The Flu: Multiple Strains, Pump as vaccine?

Well, there are more than one strains of flu out there.. You just got  the one
didn't figure into the shot...  I've been lucky this year, everyone around me has
gotten the flu and I haven't picked it up.. Is the pump an invisible shield? :)

Mjrenstrom wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> This may be old news, but in case some of you didn't know it I'll tell you
> anyway.
> I know from first-hand experience.  Came down with it Friday afternoon and
> have felt like HELL all weekend.  I have managed to keep my blood sugars OK,
> though, despite losing the contents of my stomach.  It is much easier with the
> pump.  I'm over the worst of it now.  Starting to regain my appetite although
> it will be awhile before I'm ready for those Oreos! :-)
> Just wanted the rest of you to know so that you don't go around thinking you
> have an invisible shield if you got a flu shot.
> MJ
> Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/