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[IP] Scary pump

This topic of scary pump has had me thinking, and this is what I
concluded from my own perspectives.  I fear the unknown.  I was used to
going for a rollercoaster ride with the MI and testing, and still not
making much of a difference.  I had sooo many doctors, until I was sent
to a endo, and they all kept changing the amt of insulin, type of
insulin, etc.  I feel lucky to be alive!  Most of my thirty five years
of D were spent in rural type communities, and the doctors were just
doing what they could to cope with their surroundings.  Technology was
something the city had.  I did not test regular, and I did not follow a
strict diet.  I was given a bg tester to use in the hosp for female
probs in 85, and that was the first I had heard, or knew of anything
like it.  It was wonderful,what a help.  Then there were the strips, on
a limited budget of a 100 a month.  How often can a person test on this?
Technology is great, but if you cannot afford it........Anyway what I'm
trying to say is I love my pump.  It is work, but not as much work as
the MI was, and much more rewarding to me.  I feel so much better, and
though I am still learning from everyone here, and from myself being on
the pump, it is great.  Had there been a pump  around while I was trying
to afford enough strips to get me through a month, I wouldn't have been
able to appreciate it.  I am still trying to save, and keep my costs
down, and I pray that nothing happens that I ever lose the ability to
work which affords the pump to me for it has saved my life.
There was a lot of work to taking a shot 4 times a day, alot of lows and
highs, a lot of night time ER's a lot of self beating for why did that
happen this time?  More stress, more mood swings, more Dr visits, etc.
Sure I only had to carry an insulin Pen, and my tester and half of a
refridgerator in order to make it through each day.  I had to watch a
clock in order to eat on time, get up on time, go to bed on time; the
pump doesn't do this to me. I was afraid of the unknown, but with this
board hopefully more people will realize that the pump really isn't so
awful.  It's the best thing going folks!
My .03 worth Laurie B.
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