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[IP] Re:Negative Vibes

>    What negative vibes? Are we reading the same lists?
>Renee (pump-mom)

    I appreciate you. You are mostly correct. There seem to be more and more
that talk about "all the work" connected to using the pump. All the trouble
that they have to go through to have to carry the necessary items with them
just in the event of losing a set. I now tote a bigger purse that my wife
Rose but it bothers me NOT!
    For example, last evening we went to a retirement for Rose's boss. There
was a lady friend of ours there that was expected to speak and was in fact a
type I diabetic. I have known her for twenty five years. Mary is also an RN
and head of the Health Department in Jasper. Another "health care
professional" who does not practice what they preach. "Do as I say not as I
do". She had not taken an injection before this meeting which was being held
at one of the local  restaurants. She was planning not to eat but you know
how that goes. She ordered and as I was trying to convince her to get a pump
I told her I had syringes and regular insulin if she wanted some. . .  She
knew she was already high and would go even higher before the night was
    I went to the car and retrieved my small blue bag from MiniMed and put
it in front of her and she proceeded to get her a "fix". She thanked me and
went on and enjoyed her supper as did we all.
    Sorry for getting off the track but this is also some more of the
professional not being what they are supposed to be. Generally speaking
Barbara. In my opinion there are more like Mary than we realize.
    The negative vibes. . . . I will try to compile a few of the ones I have
seen here. There are plenty. The people who want to place blame everywhere
but on themselves. Get real. . . .  Life is worth living! Learn to play with
the hand you are dealt. There is little you can do about most of these
gripes. Try to fix what you can and accept the ones you can't. Pump therapy
may require that you do more work if you were doing little to start with but
I see no increase in the amount of work or trouble I was doing before it and
I feel so much better! GREAT as a matter of fact. I would double the amount
of work I have to do now if it would double the amount of this wonderful
feeling of good health. If that were possible I would surely tear this 50
year old body up!
    All of you have a great week next week!

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