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[IP] Carbo counting calculators??

Hi List - 

My name is Scott Mendoker and I've just recently gone over to the pump
after many many years of intensive injection therapy. I am on the
Performance Faculty at Rutgers University here in New Jersey and am an
active professional musician - having played as an extra w/The New York
Philharmonic, Chicago Symphony, etc............Anyway, the reason for my
telling you all this is because I also, at times, tour with these and
other ensembles - as well as going around as a soloist.

I have several paperback carbo counters and find that they are barely
adequate - especially when I'm eating out on the "road". What I would
like is a hand held calculator with a decent data base that will give me
a better idea of how many carbs in a given meal and also be able to
compute various amounts. The paperbacks are ok - but they also take up a
lot of room!!

Anybody know of anything like this??


Scott Mendoker
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/