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What are "EREOS", was: Re: [IP] A Toast!


No argument with your comments about alcohol, especially since you
recognize that its effects *can* be unpredictable. Knowing how any
substance is likely to affect you and your overall control is very
important. Dealing with this unpredictability is probably even more important.

Re: Your question about "What are EREOS?"

I fear that there was a typo somewhere in this thread. The proper spelling
of this cookie name is OREOS. It's a cookie - "sandwich" type of cookie -
two chocolate flavor cookies / crackers surrounding a lusciously sweet,
slightly "grainy" texture vanilla cream filling in the middle. They taste
great with milk or by themselves. Many aficionados like to twist the two
parts of the cookie apart, so they can first scrape the filling off, enjoy
its rich, sweet texture, then finish off the cookie part. This is a
somewhat poor definition, so I think I may have to run to the market, buy a
package and send you another message with a more updated definition ;-) 

I don't speak for everyone, but many of us would trade some fresh fruit for
an OREO quite willingly ;-)


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>I find alcohol can do any of 3 things to my bg: make it rise, make it
>fall, or make it stay the same. Sometimes it does all 3, in any order. I
>basically have to trade off the pleasure of being slightly drunk with
>the uncertainty of not knowing where my bg is going. That's a trade off
>I'm happy to make.
>These rules about not drinking on an empty stomach I choose (chose??) to
>ignore. The whole point of a glass of chilled dry white wine while I'm
>cooking dinner is that the liquid hits your empty stomach, the alcohol
>enters your blood rapidly and gives you a wonderful lift. Or a beer
>after work with my colleagues is exactly the same.
>Oh and BTW What's an EREOS? We don't have them in Europe... 8) But we do
>have lots of lovely fresh fruit...;-)
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Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/