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[IP] Re: Apology

( I don't mean to sound like a parent.)
>I wish you good health too, and long life, and happiness.
>But you do sound ever-so-slightly judgmental......
>Are these trans-Atlantic cultural differences? I wouldn't dream of
>eating 'fast-food' or pizzas. I hate the stuff. It also makes my bg
>levels behave unpredictably. I only feel great when I've eaten proper
>food with fresh vegetables. That's not diabetes - that's basic health.
>But sensible moderate drinking is also a way of life here. A bottle of
>wine with a meal several days a week, a beer with lunch. Don't you live
>like this in the States?

    John, yes we do have that culture here in the States, we have way more
drunks than we have "good" doctors. We "Yanks" tend to overstep our bounds
sometimes as you can well see by my own posts. I will apologize for all of
us and tell you that you are 100% right that a good meal with a salad and a
"soy burger" leaves me with a lot better feeling than a porkchop or piece of
beef. If the way you eat and drink works for you and keeps you feeling fit
than keep up the good work. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

Buddy '-)   email @ redacted

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