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Re: [IP] A Toast!

>John.......I have a few horror stories related to drinking and diabetes that I
>would rather not relate here as it would take up too much space.  Sure would
>hate to hear that you joined the ranks as a statistic.  You are of course, an
>adult making your own decisions, and I wish you good health.  Just be careful.
>( I don't mean to sound like a parent.)

I wish you good health too, and long life, and happiness.
But you do sound ever-so-slightly judgmental......

Are these trans-Atlantic cultural differences? I wouldn't dream of
eating 'fast-food' or pizzas. I hate the stuff. It also makes my bg
levels behave unpredictably. I only feel great when I've eaten proper
food with fresh vegetables. That's not diabetes - that's basic health.
But sensible moderate drinking is also a way of life here. A bottle of
wine with a meal several days a week, a beer with lunch. Don't you live
like this in the States?


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