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Re: [IP] thyroid/diabetes connection

Not to say that I'm not open to a web search - I think diabetic in general are
all on the cutting edge of the endocrine field; however, the book that I read
made a connection between diabetes and thyroid disease ( as well as some other
medical issues such as dyslexia ( which my brother and I are) and attention
deficit disorder( which 3 out of 4 of my nieces and nephews also have) ) The
book came from a genetic point of view rather than a treatment point of view.
My mother who has had hashimoto syndrome since the early 70's has had
relatively few changes in her treatment other than changing her medication to
one that is more effective. I find the genetic prospect  very interesting
since there are leaps and bounds in the gene therapy area. I will find the
book ! I'm off to search. ~DD
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