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[IP] Re: Kids on pumps

>IMHO I don't see the pump as a lot more work.  Ravi was testing 8-11
>times a day before the pump.  The work was on MDI when you have to make a
>kid eat who is not hungry. Or when you have to make sure their night time
>injection is not too late as to really mess things up the next day when
>the long acting finally decided to kick in.  Or  making sure the morning
>injection is not too late as to mess up the afternoon and evening.
>Constantly watching the clock to make sure you are either feeding, poking
>or injecting this little person.  Believe me, that is real work.
>Rose(aka Ravi's mom)

    You talk softly Rose and I'll be right behind you with the "big stick"!
I have yet to see all the work these people are talking about with the
pump??? Maybe I'm not doing something right ????? My BG's are 90% in the
80 - 140 range. I test 10 times a day and keep excellent records.  I am not
currently having to hold a regular job but if i were able I could. . . .
You tell em' Rose, I'm behind you 100%

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