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Re: [IP] Bayer Glucometer Elite (Blood Letting) Faux Pax?

Actually if you read the instructions in the insert that comes with the Bayer
Glucometer Elite test strips they suggest to do just that "apply pressure in a
sweeping motion from the bottom of your finger to the front".  Of course you need
such little blood to perform a test
that just the prick itself should generate enough blood making such "sweeps"
The one touch however you need to hang upside down sometimes just to get enough
blood to make it happy :)  and then after all that work it will say error, or
clean test area :)

Ted Quick wrote:

> JUDY102 wrote:
> >
> > My endo won't allow me to "force" or "squeeze" any blood out of my fingers.
> > This isn't usually a problem, but at times it is.  He says it changes the
> > number.  Anyone else been told this?
> Yes, my endo told me that several years ago. He said "milking" the finger
> isn't a good idea because it adds extra lymphatic fluid to the blood you're
> trying to test, therefore diluting it and giving a lower reading. This doesn't
> mean we can't squeeze it a bit, just don't try forcing it the whole length of
> the finger.
> Ted Quick
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Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/