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[IP] Kids on pumps

Thanks Judy, I understand your point.  I appreciate medical people who
are willing to find out all they can when a patient asks.  I don't
appreciate medical people who have one method for all their patients even
when they know it isn't working.  I also don't appreciate the medical
people who tell you they have never seen a problem like yours and just
let it drop at that, never trying to figure out the problem.  At that
leaving you on your own but still expecting you to conform to their ways
of practicing medicine.  It sounds like you are not like that and I
applaud you and your efforts.

I just have had to deal with too many medical people that feel kids
shouldn't even think about the pump until they are at the height of
raging hormones, ages 14-16.  That is what I don't understand.  What is
so magical about that age?  I have dealt with that age group three times
already and I know that the last thing I would have done with Ravi's
siblings is to try to change a major area of their lives at that age. 
Michael and Renee are more experts at that point than I am. How about it
you two?  Would starting the pump have been easier now when you are
dealing with raging hormones or a few years back as you have done? 
Thankfully, Ravi's endo supported our decision to put Ravi on the pump
when he was sure we knew what we were getting into.  The CDE on the other
hand was reluctant.  I am happy to say that even the CDE has come around
and sees the better control that Ravi is under now, with much less work
on our part.

IMHO I don't see the pump as a lot more work.  Ravi was testing 8-11
times a day before the pump.  The work was on MDI when you have to make a
kid eat who is not hungry. Or when you have to make sure their night time
injection is not too late as to really mess things up the next day when
the long acting finally decided to kick in.  Or  making sure the morning
injection is not too late as to mess up the afternoon and evening. 
Constantly watching the clock to make sure you are either feeding, poking
or injecting this little person.  Believe me, that is real work.

Rose(aka Ravi's mom)

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