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[IP] Re:Health Care Professionals ?

My only thought about them is that if they know what this does to their
bodies and continue they have little control or respect for themselves. . .
how are they going to care for my body? If you are a professional and do all
the wrong things to your body how can you expect me to respect you if you
have none for yourself?
    I used to drink and smoke. Twenty two years ago. . .  .We found out the
arrival of our first baby I quit! How could I tell my kids not to smoke and
drink when I was doing it???? Answer this and I will come over to your side.
There are too many GOOD "health care professionals" out there to waste too
much time on these people. This is just my opinion but one I have lived by.
Live as I live, not live as I say live. Teach by example and all that

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