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Re: [IP] Re: Fearful at Joslin!

    Easy to see where your own "fighting spirit" comes from!! Your dad sounds
like an amazing man!!....Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story with
us...and thanks too for the continued perspective on the medical community-
hopefully we are all continually progressing on the "learning curve" which
includes acknowledging that there are good & bad doctors, lawyers & Indian
chiefs (was that politically incorrect???)....What we need to do is just
refuse to settle for mediocre, unacceptable treatment for our health issues-
the same as we would for other aspects of our lives-  and find a more
knowledgeable, amenable professional with whom we can "co-exist."
     By the way, for those of you considering writing to the Joslin docs in
support of Mary & her son Chris, be advised that yet another "cyber friend"
whose extremely compliant, responsible mature daughter is eagerly awaiting a
pump, has been told that Joslin's "new policy" is to DEMAND psychiatric
consults before agreeing to allow the child to go on a pump...AND, if the
parent vehemently objects, they're being told that they'll have to go to Yale-
New Haven then for their care!!!!!....Methinks the "reknowned, esteemed"
professionals at Joslin need to "wake up & smell the coffee"....HELLO

Regards, Renee (aka "Melissa's pump-coach")
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