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Re: [IP] the pump is NOT scary

Please, in this forum at least, don't deny me the right to express my own
personal fears about the pump.  I was scared.  So what.   I've faced many
things in my life.  The technology of this alone scared me.  I was in DKA.  I
was pushed into the use of the pump.  Not consulted, not asked, not treated
like a thinking, intelligent adult.  I was scared.  The pump scared me.  So
shoot me.  I'm on it.  I've learned it.  I'm grateful.  Don't deny me my
fears.  Why make others ashamed because they don't look at life in quite the
same manner as you do?  Maybe we aren't all as lucky as you in your acceptance
of the pump.  Maybe you harbor such negative feelings about people in the
medical profession that I'm not going to be right about anything.
Judy P,
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/