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Re: [IP] Re: Fearful at Joslin!

Of course, I agree with you.  I make no excuses.  Why should I?  I believe in
the human spirit overcoming tremendous odds and impossible complications.
Goodness knows, my family has had to overcome so many things.  My Dad, still
kicking and eccentric as all get out, spent almost 3 yrs in 6 different POW
camps in WWII.  Rommel's troops captured him at Kasserine Pass in Tunisia,
North Africa.  I'm so incredibly proud of him.  It was Dad who said "Judy, is
that (insulin) addictive?"  My Dad taught school for 25 yrs!  My point wasn't
to make excuses for the medical profession. It is to say no matter how
educated one becomes, oftentimes, true understanding comes only with
suffering.  A Dr. or a nurse can be trained and even advanced in their field,
but remember, the vast majority are taught MDI's or other, less progressive
methods of treatment.  These advancements are a threat to them.  No excuse,
like I said, just reality.  I really don't want to get peoples shackles up.
Judy P.
P.S. When Dad was in a motorcycle (yeah, you read that right) accident four
yrs ago, he broke almost his entire left side.  He had his shoulder totally
replaced, broke ribs, ankle, etc, etc...My sister (also a nurse) and I stayed
by his side 24 hrs a day in shifts.  She has 5 kids (and Addisons DX) and I
have 4 kids.  We begged him, after they took him off the respirator, to please
take pain pills, at least.  You know what this man said?  "If you don't have
any pain, then you aren't alive."  The nurses and my sister and I just cried.
We thought we understood the horror and pain that he had suffered through.
Believe me, we didn't.  Most of these Dr. and nurses can never really
understand what day to day life is like with Diabetes.  I'm personally glad
that they don't have it.  We will help each other, teach where we can.  Inform
others of incompetance in the health care field and start writing, writing,
writing.  Your congressman and senators do pay attention.  You can make a
difference.  Sorry for the length of this.  "Patton" was on tonight and Dad is
down on a farm, happy in Southern Illinois and I miss him.
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