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Re: Accu-Check Complete meter, was: Re: [IP] Basal rate check, meter s/w, etc.


It appears that these trials are being conducted through doctor's offices.
There will probably be a marketing summary appearing later which states
something to the effect of "95 % of all doctors prefer the XXXXX meter for
their actively managed patients". That is often the final product of
marketing tests like this. It's o.k., I understand the company's intent.

Each rep handles a specific territory, so I am not sure exactly who you
should call. I can suggest you contact the company directly at:
800-858-8072. This is the number for the Medical Service Center, but they
may be able to direct you to a Customer Service person. Another number
might be: 1-800-845-7355.

Be sure to let them know you are an "active member of one of the most
prominent Insulin Pumper's Internet sites" who speaks daily with hundreds
of pumpers about the benefits of technology and the virtues of particular
products (in other words, "lay it on thickly"). They may be impressed
enough to work with you on this.


>Can you give us the phone number for someone to contact.  I don't have access
>to a dr.  who knows about pumps (insurance co. again), but would love to try
>this -- it sounds like what I've been hoping for and a great way to deal
with a
>frantic schedule!

Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/