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Re: [IP] Sinner or Saint

MADKT wrote:
> Don't any of you struggle out there? People going to town about eating a
> couple of oreos! I'm beginning to feel like the outcast sinner.
> Eating the way I should is a constant diet, total HELL. I rarely am able to
> stick to it. Having to take 15 to 20 units of insuling to cover a meal is more
> than an occassional thing here. (yes, I am overweight. As predicted, started
> gaining when I started to get in control.)
> I believe, I read something about someone who "supposedly" never took care of
> themselves until recently, but had given lectures about glucose machines at
> age 18???? I couldn't have done that, I didn't test my bg more than 5 times a
> year until about 3 years ago. (22 years diabetic) I took two shots a day, then
> ignored being diabetic. Ate like a pig and drank like a fish. Outside of guilt
> and fear, I never struggled with my diabetes until I got the pump.
> Am I the only one here that fights to keep testing, eating and exercising? Or
> have all the other sinners died off?
Horray.....at last someone who admits it is a struggle to be correct all
the time...I too struggle and every once in a while I 
sin and when I do I dont beat myself to death...I just pat my pump and
say glad  your with me or Id really be full of pin holes...
lets face it the hardest part of being is saying no to yourself 100% of
the time while those around you are enjoying lifes buffet 
good for you I believe it is healthier to try any perhaps occassionally
fail than to be so anal retentive as to carry a scale and gram book and
ask the hostest what ingredients went into her casserole and act like a
martyer for the cause. I doont advocate stupidity by self indulgence but
Im not a masochist either...except for the joy of finger sticks that
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