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Re: [IP] Kids on pumps!

Although any of us would love to have a week off from diabetes, I'm
always glad to have my insulin pump.  I have an allergy to long acting
insulin.  I've stuck my pump in all sorts of strange places when trying
on clothes.  Yes, it is awkward, but I seldom feel self conscious about
it.  I guess thats because I work with so much technology that everyone
I know has a box attached to them whether it be a cell phone or a pager,
or both.  Kids today are used to seeing all sorts of knew technologies
and pagers are almost a status symbol.  I doubt that most kids would
feel as self-conscious about a pump as you do.  Also, although once in a
while I have to explain to someone what this box is, few people harbor
an innate prejudice against it.  Maybe the people I hang around with are
just more open minded than most, but if people are so stupid that they
don't want to be around me because I'm diabetic... GOOD RIDANCE!!  We
all have our problems.  One of mine is diabetes.


Ruth Elowitz wrote:
> Sorry Michael, but I have to disagree a bit.  You're right that good diabetes
> control should include all these things too.  BUT
> Good diabetes control does not include site problems, a roll of fat that
> accumulates on your tummy, being constantly attached to this thing-- even if it
> is small.  I spent my teenage years and my 20's (college and grad school years)
> on a pump. It can be a terrific thing.  Even less so than careful diabetes
> monitoring, it never ever goes away.   It is better than the alternatives.  BUT
> it is a constant ever present thing to think about -- especially with clothing!
> I don't mean to put down pumps.  But they are an enormous amount of work and
> take an enormous amount of self confidence -- as I rediscovered a year ago
> trying on wedding dresses at an outlet with communal dressing rooms.
> Sorry for the contradictions.  But by the time I was 17 or 18 I would have
> killed for a day, week, month off regardless of how lucky I was supposed to
> feel!
> Ruth
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