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Re: Accu-Check Complete meter, was: Re: [IP] Basal rate check, meter s/w, etc.


Can you give us the phone number for someone to contact.  I don't have access
to a dr.  who knows about pumps (insurance co. again), but would love to try
this -- it sounds like what I've been hoping for and a great way to deal with a
frantic schedule!



email @ redacted wrote:

> Dan O:
> I think I was the one who commented about "turning on" some of the
> Accu-Check Complete's features via software. Some more detail is probably
> in order. Here's what I've noticed since I started using this meter Monday.
> 1)  The meter was developed in cooperation / in concert with MiniMed. It is
> therefore, designed to be used by folks "actively managing" their Diabetes
> (in other words, pumpers). It allows you to track most of the significant
> information required to effectively manage your pump therapy - BG results,
> Basal Rate Profile, bolus info, carbs, exercise info (duration of activity
> for example) and other factors such as stress, medication, menses.
> 2)  While the meter *does* allow you to associate event "markers" with
> particular diary entries similar to the way the Lifescan Profile did, you
> can add a lot more event details to each of the BG readings you are
> tracking. As I recall, each diary entry (BG test result) allows you to
> record up to 4 events to provide some detail about the test result.
> Examples include: amount of insulin taken (bolus); amount of carbs
> consumed; when the particular event happened, such as before a meal, during
> stressful activity, exercise (and duration) and "user defined". Using this
> meter, you would be able to indicate that a particular test result was
> Before a meal, Stress, Feel Hypo, Oral Medication. Meal specific
> information can also be entered - carbs, bolus, etc. I looked for an entry
> to indicate Burger King or Taco Bell, but did not find one ;-) The
> combination of possibilities is interesting.
> Now, here's the part where I wish I had my instruction manual with me:
> The manual indicates that there are events already "programmed into the
> meter" for things such as: "Tubing Change" and "Menses". (I am far more
> interested in Tubing Change info than Menses info, by the way ;-)) In my
> case, being able to mark a BG result with a User Defined Event called
> Cartridge Change is very important. This can provide some very important
> trend information which may correlate BG readings with certain mechanical
> events, such as infusion site changes, etc. Unfortunately though, it
> appears that some of these additional event markers can only be "activated"
> by configuring them through the software interface. Maybe they think our
> doctors are the only ones interested in this info or capable of acting
> appropriately to make corrective adjustments. Hmmmmmmm ....
> The meter does have the ability to display a simple graph on the meter
> display itself, indicating where your BG results fall within user defined
> upper and lower limits for acceptable blood sugars for a given time period.
> This is handy, because it displays graphically how things have been going.
> It is very easy to see your "spikes" and lows.
> Averaging capabilities are built in, like the Lifescan. It is a bit easier
> to move back and forth in the meter's memory to view specific tests and
> modify the events associated with them. This is useful if you don't have
> time to enter the detail, but want this info later on. You can fill in the
> details when you have the time, though it is very easy to do right at the
> time you test.
> Note that *YOU CANNOT LIE TO THIS METER!!!!!* It will NOT let you delete a
> record. If you have a high reading, it is in memory for all to see. The
> most you can do with that test is declare it an Invalid Test. You cannot
> change all your numbers just prior to visiting your doc ;-)
> My comment about the software has to do with "unlocking" the information
> being stored by the monitor. If the meter is tracking carbs, boluses, basal
> rates, and event markers for example, I can assume that the software will
> allow me to analyze this and develop trend reports. Since I am certainly a
> member of the test group "Patients who actively manage their diabetes" (in
> other words, Pumpers) I don't want to be required to trek to my doc's
> office to have this trend info analyzed. Trust us, please, we're
> intelligent and promise not to mis use the info ;-)
> I think that Boehringer Mannheim (now merged with Roche, in case you are
> looking for their web site) will  have to heed the urging of the trial
> group re: getting to the data. I'm hopeful, I really think they will - this
> looks like a real good tool. I'm impressed so far.
> Bob Burnett
> mailto:email @ redacted
> Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/