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Re: [IP] Kids on pumps!

Sorry Michael, but I have to disagree a bit.  You're right that good diabetes
control should include all these things too.  BUT

Good diabetes control does not include site problems, a roll of fat that
accumulates on your tummy, being constantly attached to this thing-- even if it
is small.  I spent my teenage years and my 20's (college and grad school years)
on a pump. It can be a terrific thing.  Even less so than careful diabetes
monitoring, it never ever goes away.   It is better than the alternatives.  BUT
it is a constant ever present thing to think about -- especially with clothing!

I don't mean to put down pumps.  But they are an enormous amount of work and
take an enormous amount of self confidence -- as I rediscovered a year ago
trying on wedding dresses at an outlet with communal dressing rooms.

Sorry for the contradictions.  But by the time I was 17 or 18 I would have
killed for a day, week, month off regardless of how lucky I was supposed to


Michael wrote:

> > Thank you Barbara.  This is my point exactly.  The kids can spin circles
> > around most of us adults.  Kids are not intimidated by technology like
> > adults.  They have no fear of breaking a very expensive computer/pump/vcr
> > or whatever.  As adults we are more apt to look at what something will
> > cost us to fix, if we mess it up, than we are to think that we are
> > smarter than said "machine."  We just need to give the kids a chance that
> > want to do all they can to control the monster that has taken over their
> > lives.
> >
> I think a lot of folks miss the point on the so-called difficulty
> with pumping.  Running a pump is very simple minded. What is
> difficult is learning to carbo count, boluses for highs, compensating
> for lows, and constantly adjusting insulin doses to match food,
> The standard for diabetes care TODAY should always include these
> things. A diabetic on tight control and MDI would do all these
> things. My daughter has when she has been without her pump and it
> worked very well.  Adding a pump to this equation simply makes doing
> it easier.  Am I missing something here??  Clearly some doctors and
> medical centers are missing something.
> Michael
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Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/