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Re: [IP] New Meter Trial

I think I forgot to mention that when I spoke to the folks at
Boehringer-Mannheim/Roche, they said that Accutility does NOT do data
analysis, graphs, etc. like Camit does.  It's only for setting up the
Complete meter, and for downloading the results.

Why it would download the results but not let you analyze them is a mystery
to me.  Also keep in mind that this is what the B-M helpdesk people _told_
me.  Dunno if it's really true.

Lori had implied in an earlier email that the current Camit software may be
able to download and analyze the data from a Complete meter...have you
verified if this is true, Lori?

One thing the B-M people also mentioned is that the data port on the
Complete meter is different than on the Advantage meter, so you have to have
a different cable (the Advantage uses the Code-key slot).  Presumably this
cable comes with the Accutility software.

Which would mean that you'd have to buy both Accutility (to get the cable
and set up the events the way you want them) and Camit (to do the data
download and analysis).  I sure hope B-M gets all this ironed out pretty
soon, since the meter has officially been released for sale to the general

At 11:58 3/13/98 -0600, Becky wrote:
>Thanks for the tips Bob.  I'll call them today and ask about getting the
>Accutility software as well.  I really like downloading all the readings
>to my computer.  Helps me see the "big picture."
>Becky D.

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