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[IP] SAY HALLELUJAH was Sinners and Saints

Yes, we all struggle - some of us do it differently.  There are 2 separate
issues here when we talk about eating Oreos (or Girl Scout Thin Mints).  

#1 - do you have an eating disorder like bulimia, or compulsive overeating
where you can't control your eating, so to dip into a box of cookies is like
the Lays commercial says, no one can eat just one


#2 - do you have an endocrine problem like diabetes where you can make your
best human attempts to eat as normally as the next person, and compensate by
taking insulin or working out as required for what you have injested

Heck yeah, I struggle!!  And I am quite the sinner.  Even losing 12 pounds in
the hospital, I would still love to lose (or it that loose???) 10 more, of
course, I'd probably lose it in my boobs, since my belly roll is probably here
to stay.

Heck yeah, it IS something to "go to town about" - we CAN east Oreos - after
100s and 100s of years being told we could DIE if we ate things like that, now
we CAN, and if we have to take extra insulin for it - SO BE IT - then we get
FAT just like the normal person! 

You (we all) need to find NOT a diet, but a llifestyle.  "I can't eat that,
it's not on my diet" is SUCH a cop out - NOT SPEAKING AS A DIABETIC but as a
person who likes to put good tasting things in my mouth.

So, if you, or whoever is reading this, can NOT stick to just one Oreo or
however many you decide is your appropriate serving, then your problem is not
diabetes.  This is not a forum for eating disorders, but WE do have the
control to put ourselved in DKA by overeating, not taking enough insulin to
cmpensate and then NOT gaining weight.

Do you write down everything you eat?  When I started on the pump I lost
weight when I had to write everything down - it was embarrassing to write down
french fries and jelly beans, and I never thought to just LIE about it, so I
didn't eat them.  At that time, I was carefully doing the math so my boluses
were DEAD ON.  As the years have gone by, I dont write down my intake and
instead of figuring it down to the 1/10, my boluses usually like 4.5 and 5.5,
rather than 4.2 and 5.3 - So I am probably over insulinating a little and THAT
MAKES YOU GAIN WEIGHT.  If your body doesn't need it, it gets stored.  This is
not a diabetes thing - this is a everybody thing.  we will all gain weight if
we over insulinate - hey I'm a poet

My struggle with diabetes ALSO began when I went on the pump - I am now the
MASTER of an unwilling beast who keeps trying to rear its ugly head and
control my life - by making my eyes bleed or whatever.  But before then, it
was no struggle to eat a box of cookies, take 20 units of regular by syringe
and if I felt like crap a few hours later, I'd take some more...or eat more
cookies when I crashed  

The struggle is now "how am I going to defeat it today so I can eat cold
sesame noodles and some Oreos???"  I have to force myself to test and diet and
do all the things I know I am supposed to do, so that I can eat what I want
and sleep in when I want and tell doctors to go take a flying leap when I

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