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Re: [IP] Sinner or Saint

Confirmed sinner!!!!

I'm not an extremist, not much of a drinker, not overweight, but
occasionally I indulge.  For years the doctors ignored my obvious
problems with lente and ultralente.  I could only watch the
rollercoaster, but didn't seem to do much good.  When you're bouncing
from 30 to 500 three times a day, what harm is a piece of cake going to
do??  I finally took things into my own hands when a "sensitivity" to
ultralente was suggested.  Of course, now my insurance won't cover a
dime of my medical costs since I put myself on an insulin pump "against
their reccomendation".  Now I can actually have a good idea of why I
might have an elevated BG though.  And the fact that I'm not convulsing
in the morning every other month even after testing at 300 before bed. 
Now I just need a decent health care plan.  I'm doing better taking care
of myself than I ever did with doctors trying to save some money.  My
HbA1c was just over 8, but compared to 13... I'm finally getting there. 
Month 2 of being back on an insulin pump.  I think that my enduring the
last 3 years of fighting to get back on an insulin pump qualifies me as
a saint despite my occasional sin. ; )


MADKT wrote:
> Don't any of you struggle out there? People going to town about eating a
> couple of oreos! I'm beginning to feel like the outcast sinner.
> Eating the way I should is a constant diet, total HELL. I rarely am able to
> stick to it. Having to take 15 to 20 units of insuling to cover a meal is more
> than an occassional thing here. (yes, I am overweight. As predicted, started
> gaining when I started to get in control.)
> I believe, I read something about someone who "supposedly" never took care of
> themselves until recently, but had given lectures about glucose machines at
> age 18???? I couldn't have done that, I didn't test my bg more than 5 times a
> year until about 3 years ago. (22 years diabetic) I took two shots a day, then
> ignored being diabetic. Ate like a pig and drank like a fish. Outside of guilt
> and fear, I never struggled with my diabetes until I got the pump.
> Am I the only one here that fights to keep testing, eating and exercising? Or
> have all the other sinners died off?
>     Katie
> And Rona,
> You asked about occassional drinking. Without the pump, I just made sure I ate
> a hamburger before going to bed so I wouldn't bottom out when the sugars
> dropped. Having high bg was easier to ignore, probably kept me out o fthe
> hospital all these years. But now, (as I gave up alcohol, more or less) for
> the occassional martinis, I again make sure, I've eaten a little extra and
> wake at 3 am to test. Kinda takes the fun outta drinking. There are carb
> charts for alcohol but you gotta watch the drop later. Keep in mind, YMMV.
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Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/